GameHouse Collapse! Crunch

GameHouse (Proprietary)

GameHouse Collapse! Crunch is an action puzzle game developed and released by GameHouse in June 2004. It follows the format of previous GameHouse Collapse! games. Players try to match 3 or more same-colored blocks to remove them from the board and score points. Similar blocks should be in one row to match them. The objective is not to let the blocks touch the top of the board. When the blocks get to the top, the game ends. GameHouse Collapse! Crunch players reach the next level by getting the required number of lines removed from the game.

GameHouse Collapse! Crunch features four game modes—Crunch, Big, Perplexor, and Zigzag. Crunch mode features blocks simultaneously appearing not just from the bottom but also from both sides of the game board. The goal is to remove the required number of lines before the whole board is full. GameHouse Collapse! Crunch Big mode features the same gameplay as regular Collapse! only with significantly more blocks on the game board. Perplexor mode features puzzles that may be solved by a definite number of clicks. The objective is to remove all blocks from the board. GameHouse Collapse! Crunch Zigzag mode gives the standard Collapse! a little bit of twist. For every click that the player does, the staggered columns rise a row.

GameHouse Collapse! Crunch allows users to start each game mode from different levels. The game also features not only colored blocks but also special blocks and colored bombs.