GameHouse Caribbean MahJong 1.0

GameHouse (Shareware)

Caribbean MahJong is a tile-matching game wherein players are taken on a luxury cruise from the Bahamas to Grenada and to other exotic islands. They can collect keepsakes and postcards while solving puzzles and seeing the sights. The general objective of the game is to match same tile pairs until they are all cleared. To select tiles, a tile must have no tiles covering it from its left or right edge. Some tiles can be matched if they are in the same style or theme group. Players cannot select a layer of tiles if there are more than six layers of them already. To unlock a tile layer, players must first clear the tile layer on top of it.

The game also holds unique power-ups and several “Tile Focus” options that can assist in matching tiles. Each tile layout will have a number of available power-ups, such as trade winds and shuffle. A trade wind power-up will blow all tiles forward to the bottom of the screen. The shuffle power-up will simply shuffle all tiles. In some cases, a tile layout will contain gold tiles. These tiles will only match with each other. Matching gold tiles will automatically match out all tiles and finish the stage.

The game has 2 modes which are the Luxury Cruise mode and the Island Hopping mode. The Luxury Cruise mode lets players play all layouts and get rewards as they progress in the game. Players can earn keepsakes for their first island visits and postcards for their second island visits. The Island Hopping mode lets players play any layout they want.