GameHouse Blackjack

GameHouse (Freeware)

GameHouse BlackJack is a video game developed by GameHouse Inc. and was released in May 2003. This video game is a virtual version of the classic casino card game BlackJack. BlackJack is a type of a comparing card game between a player and a dealer. This game relies on luck and anticipation of the opponent’s cards. In BlackJack, players make use of one or more decks of 52 cards. The cards have a corresponding number value where the Ace card has a value of one and the face cards (Jack, King, and Queen) have a value of ten. All the other cards are counted according to their corresponding number. Players are initially given two cards that add up to a particular number. For example, a player who was dealt with an ace and a queen has an accumulated value of 11. The game’s objective is for the player to take up cards until they reach a value of 21 or a value close to 21. The game is won once a player gets a set of cards that add up to 21 or if the opposing players and the dealers exceed the number 21.

GameHouse BlackJack features a stylized user interface that appears as a casino table. Players are given an initial amount of 4,000.00 dollars in the bank, which they can place as bets on the game table. There four types of move that a player can perform Deal, Stand, Hit, Double, Surrender, and Split. By clicking the “Deal” button, players start a game and is instantly handed two cards. Players may click “Double” to place more bets and take two more cards, or click stand if the player feels that their cards have a high winning chance. Players could also click “Hit” to get one more card but retain their original bets. The “Split” button allows players to play two sets of cards and place two bets at a time, while the “Surrender” button is used to concede a game. Hitting surrender allows the player to retrieve half of their bets.