Spesoft (Proprietary)

GameExMenuEditor is an-add on feature developed by Spesoft. It comes with GameEx, a graphical DirectX used for numerous games. Menu Editor is obtainable through registration on the developer’s site, although regular GameEx without this feature is available at no cost.

GameExMenuEditor allows users to customize their gaming menus completely. This gives way to complete gaming enjoyment and full support for those creating their own gaming systems. Gamers can change their game’s menus through complete control on the overall layout and structure. Aside from layout, players are also permitted to tweak GameEx' page appearance including themes and other design elements. Changing gaming menu platform gives way to more convenient gaming time for players with certain preferences.

By registering for the service, players can even create their own menu system for specific project. They can create a menu system that suits their projects. Users simply need to enable the Custom Menu Editor and they can add game categories, subcategories and other elements that brand their projects.

The platform offers easy to use interface system, allowing gamers to start customizing their menus without problems. Button commands let them build their system faster and without affecting GameEx’s performance.
GameExMenuEditor also receives continuous updates being a part of the more high-end GameEx option unlocked through registration. The developer also presents updated downloads for GameEx itself, which is available on its official website.