GameEx Theme Editor

Spesoft (Freeware)

GameEx Theme Editor is a component of the program GameEx, which is created by Spesoft. As its name suggests, this tool is used to edit the theme or customize the skins of the program associated with it. This application is more than just an editing tool of the program’s user interface theme. The Control Panel Editor has features for maximum setting of options. This includes the copying and pasting, rotating, resizing, aligning, and moving of objects. The saturation, brightness, and hue of objects can be adjusted. It also has a zoom in and out feature. An advanced function under this is the modification of colors and control placements.

One of the main features of the program is that it supports any emulator. This means that it allows users to import MameWah layouts and edit any layouts for every emulator supported. This editing application also enables previewing and modifying of videos and audios. There is also Selector Bar editor. GameEx is a program that is considered as a graphical DirectX-based front-end for certain game emulators, such as GameBase, PC Games, Daphne, and MAME. It is designed to be compatible with arcade game controls, tablet and touchscreen support, and other remote controls for game play.