Spesoft Ltd (Shareware)

GameEx is a graphical Direct-X based gaming front-end for game emulators including MAME, Daphne, Zinc, and PC games. It is developed by Spesoft Ltd. and released on May 2003. The program also functions as a Home Theater PC solution. It features support for game pads, MCE remote control, and mouse control. The program also recognizes X-Arcade, HotRod, and IPAC game controllers. It is compatible with VFD/LCD displays, as well as other wide screen displays.

The software offers several other functionalities including jukebox, DVD player, news reader, video player, Internet radio tuner, and picture and slideshow viewer. The program also reads music playlists in OGG, WMA, M4A, and MP3 file formats. Users may also stream videos from Hulu and Netflix, as well as access to numerous movie databases. It also provides users with the ability to manually input movie descriptions to the downloaded movies. The software also functions as a Media Library housing the users’ photo, video and audio collection.

GameEx supports full integration with both GameEx Arcade and Gamebase, providing users with thousands of games they can choose from. The program also provides access to various MAME and Emulator databases for more game options. It also supports MAME’s High Score functionality. GameEx  also offers ISO mounting support. The program also has tablet PC and touchscreen support designed for CarPC and other touchscreen front-end devices.