GameBoost 2

PGWARE LLC (Shareware)

GameBoost is a small game utility developed by PGWARE that boosts the performance of the system during gaming. It was released on March 2013. This program makes system enhancements and optimizes the system usage of PC resources for a more efficient gaming experience.

GameBoost automatically makes changes to the system according to the Internet and computer specifications needed by a game. This program directly accesses the PC system registry to make changes to enhance refresh rates, CPU performance, and animations. This program can also clean system memory for faster loading. This program also features some software-based over-clocking functionalities that enhance Internet speeds, screen drawing speeds, and CPU threading speeds. This program also features diagnostic and system analyzing functionalities that enables users to troubleshoot potential system problems and make simple repairs.
GameBoost features a grey and blue window with three icons on the left panel corresponding to Need Help, Tech Support, and About Soft. The main GameBoost window shows a drop down selection for to choose the correct Operating System. The second level enables users to select the connection type or the internet modem type used via a drop down selection. There is also a speed setting slider that enables users to choose boosting performance from Fast to Fastest. Fastest corresponds to 200% performance boost. There is a Restore button at the bottom to restore the system to previous settings. The Go button initializes the boosting process.