Game Jackal Diagnostics

SlySoft Inc. (Proprietary)

Game Jackal is an application that enables users to play PC games without the need to load their game discs into their physical disc drive. This application works like a virtual drive where it creates an executable profile of the game CD or DVD that can be saved into the user’s computer. Users may then use the application to activate the disc profile upon running the game title. This application enables users to run their games quickly by eliminating the need to insert the game disc whenever the user plays their PC games. This function also protects the user’s original game disc from dents and scratches gained from regular use. Game Jackal’s difference between an actual virtual drive is that it creates a disc profile that only contains the data needed to run the game, therefore conserving the user’s hard disk space. Game Jackal can back up data from 90% of game titles available in the market and allows the users to customize a profile of each game disc.

Game Jackal also provides a security feature called “Guardian Control” which enables users to provide restrictions on games that may have content that is inappropriate for young gamers. Game Jackal’s Guardian control allows users to put a password for certain game profiles, thus restricting access to users who only knows the password. In addition, users may utilize Guardian Control to set a schedule and a time limit for a particular game, allowing only specific times and days that a game can be played.