NeoAxis Group Ltd. (Proprietary)

Game by NeoAxis Group Ltd. is a 3D graphics development tool for the creation of games, visualizations, and simulations. The company is a source of real-time 3D programs for various applications.
NeoAxis Game Engine is a multipurpose tool that supports models with skeleton animation, non-animated models, and FBX models imports. The main features include a lens flare manager, pathfinding demo, and pathfinding demo with 2D physics.

Some of the top features of the application are the following: 1) SSAO or Screen Space Ambient Occlusion effect, a multi-dimensional post-processing effect for good image quality and high performance; 2) improved Heightmap Based Terrain features with LOD (Level of Detail) Support for better terrain rendering; and 3) SceneBox, which is a control features within the NeoAxis GUI System that gives users the capability to draw 3D scene.

Game allows users to export geometry to Collada or FBX format from Map Editor. This development tool supports Autodesk Maya 2013, 3dsMax Design 2013, and Autodesk 3dsMax 2013 as well. Game users are given the tools for multi-scene support so that they can create more dedicated physical settings. A deployment tool is also in place for better execution of custom system commands and a wider range of options for product binaries preparation.