Game Fire

Smart PC Utilities, Ltd. (Open Source)

Game Fire is an application used in accelerating gaming performance. Gaming requires optimal system configuration and a large amount of system resources than regular computer work. This application enables games to be played using the quality and speed that were designed for them. Users can specify which games and directories to run the program with.

The program’s interface is simple, intuitive, and streamlined. Any type of computer user can easily understand the program and its functions. The application displays memory and CPU usage, and the space that is currently taken up in the system. Users have to be aware of processes and applications that are running in the background. They may adjust priorities in terms of applications.  Less applications running in the background enable games to run faster and with better quality. The game defragmenter function quickens a game’s running and loading time by rearranging disk files into contiguous locations. Unnecessary tasks that have been scheduled can also be turned off for extra gaming performance. The program enables defragging of RAM, as well as game folders and files for improved gaming performance. All system changes rendered by the program are temporary. Turning off Game Fire restores the system to its previous state prior to running the program. Other program features include favorite games organization and management, a customizable interface, and Windows tasks optimization, among others.