Game Cam XPress 2.6.1

Planet Game Cam Inc. ( (Freeware)

Game Cam Xpress is an application that provides users the ability to capture footage while playing games. To run the application, users must launch it with the same credentials as when they are running their games, for instance, as Administrator, or whatever the default credentials may be. This application is easy to use and has a simple interface. It uses minimal resources and does not affect the frame rate of the game the user is playing. A little box at the top left corner of the game screen indicates whether the application is recording the game or not. When the box is red, the recorder is turned on, and when it is white it means the recorder is off. Users can set a Hotkey to use if they would like to toggle the in-game recording.

Game Cam Xpress has three available options:

• Video Frame Size – users can choose from full, half, quarter, and Internet-compatible sizes to record their games in. The default is quarter size, and Internet-compatible will save the game video in a size that is compatible with video-hosting sites.
• Audio Capture – users can also record the in-game audio if preferred. There are audio settings that can be specified as well.
• AVI Video Manager – this feature supports recorded games saved in AVI format. The manager enables users to change the title of the saved videos, delete video files, and play recorded games.