Game Booster

IObit (Freeware)

The Game Booster application optimizes the computer’s performance when a game is launched on the system. It is capable of shutting down excessive processes to give way to gaming. It is capable of cleaning the RAM and increasing processor performance. One of the features of this application is the Game Desktop. With Game Desktop, all the windows on the computer are minimized. All that’s left is the gaming window. This ensures that there are no disturbances while playing a game. It also comes with a Game Box where players can manage all the games that they play.

Game Booster is capable of looking through the system and providing a full report on the components that slow down gaming. The information on the report can be used to improve the system performance. For those who are not familiar with what to do, experts on the website’s forum can provide tips on how to achieve a good gaming experience based on their system report. The program also has defragmenting technology that defragments game files on the system. This action can make the game load faster upon launching.

The program’s interface is suited for both beginners and seasoned gamers. The Game Booster program is capable of boosting the system of old computers, too.