Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Galapago is a game that involves exotic living creatures. Players are compelled to collect these island creatures and wait for them to reach a level that turns the whole collection into gold. Galapago features awesome landscapes from tropical jungles, to sunny and sandy beaches, to a volcano. The gamer must strive to win the treasure at the end and do so before the volcano erupts. Players can follow their own path through the island.

Galapago offers gamers with an unforgettable journey. The main challenge for the gamer is to reach the top and along the way they need to do some matching activities. Creatures must be matched and the players can observe them as they move across the game board.

There are two game play modes in this game. Galapago has 75 levels and bonus games are available as well. Players can choose the level of difficulty that they want to engage in. The setting offered is exotic and challenging at the same time.

Galapago is an engaging and addictive game and the full version offers unlimited play. Galapago is available for a risk free limited period trial version for gamers who want an intriguing game set in beautiful settings. This game is compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista.