Gadwin PrintScreen

Gadwin Systems, Inc (Freeware)

Gadwin PrintScreen is an application that allows users to create screenshots suitable for saving or printing. The application can capture a shot of the entire desktop or only a window that is open on the screen. The program has a simple interface that consists of the settings and options for the tasks. The program offers different hotkey combinations for the user to choose from. The application can save the screenshot in six different image formats (bmp, jpg, gif, png, tif, and tga). In addition, users can resize the image from the main menu and set the quality of the image.

The interface has four main sections – Preferences, Source, Destination, and Image. The capture settings allow users to set a hotkey for the screen capture function. There are also other capture settings, such as hiding the icon when capturing, and showing the notification messages. The Destination button allows users to set where the image will be copied. The screen capture can be copied to the clipboard or sent to the printer of a file. In addition, users can also send the captured image to email for sending.

Other features of the application are the following:
• Easy to use interface
• Adjust the capture size
• Supports several image formats
• Preview captured image
• Includes a help file