Gadu-Gadu 10 10

GG Network S.A. (Freeware)

Gadu-Gadu 10 is a Polish instant messaging program initially released in August 15, 2000. It was developed by GG Network and is considered as the most common instant messaging software in Poland. It has more than 15 million registered users. The Gadu-Gadu application has its own proprietary protocol. It uses unique serial numbers in identifying registered users.

Gadu-Gadu’s main features include file sharing, status messages, conferences, spellchecker, tabbed chat windows and VoIP. GG users can embed and format images onto their messages. Customizing the look of GG is also possible with its skins. Like other IM clients, the Gadu-Gadu 10 program offers emoticons (over 150 of them) and allows SMS messaging to all polish networks. Organizing and grouping the contacts is also possible. Users can even add personal information to a searchable directory available to the public. It also has a search bar that can be used to search for contacts. A secure connection mode is available as well.

The program can be integrated with various services that are also run by the GG Network including the (a networking website that offers integrated avatars), virtual Internet dial-up and the (Internet radio) services. GG users can also play their radio without launching a separate program. About 50 radio channels are available.