Gadget Extractor

Fmustang76 (Freeware)

Gadget Extractor is a simple program which allows users to add gadgets on the sidebar. Gadgets are mini-programs which perform a specific function like a clock which shows time for multiple countries, currency exchange converter, feed headlines, contacts list and weather update. The purpose of gadgets is for users to get their frequently needed information readily or at a glance. The new gadgets will appear on the sidebar gadget list. The sidebar can be set to stay visible on top of any window if the user is working on multiple windows. However, the width of the sidebar cannot be modified.

Installation is straightforward and includes downloading the program from the developer page, extracting the archive and running the set-up to begin the installation. The user interface is intuitive and provides basic steps on downloading or installing a new gadget. The steps include running the Gadget extractor program from the programs list and specifying the gadget which needs to be installed on the sidebar. There is a wide collection of gadgets available for download and there are also those available on Windows by default like the clock, slide show and feed headlines. The user can add and remove gadgets but the size by which the gadgets appear on the sidebar remains fixed.