Gabriel Knight 3

Sierra Studios (Proprietary)

Gabriel Knight 3 is an adventure game developed and published by the company, Sierra On-Line. It is the third installment of the Gabriel Knight series and features a point-and-click playing approach. The game’s plot follows the adventures of the main character, Gabriel Knight, who belongs to a family of Shadow Hunters. His primary task involves fighting various supernatural beings. Four years have passed since Gabriel’s last case, and now he receives an invitation from Prince James of Albany to visit his estate along with this companion, Grace. When they arrive at the estate, the Prince informs Gabriel and Grace of a terrible plague that has been hounding his family – gruesome vampire creatures called Night Visitors. He asks Gabriel watch over his baby son named Charlie, but he and Grace fail when a mysteriously dark figure causes Grace to fall asleep and Gabriel to be paralyzed. Gabriel wakes up to discover that he had been abducted and taken to the South of France.

The player assumes the role of Gabriel and occasionally, Grace. The game consists of several sequences that span across three days, during which the player must investigate the reason behind the kidnapping. The player must perform certain tasks in order to progress in the story. These tasks include various puzzles and 12 riddles, which Grace must solve in the latter part of the game. Once the mystery is solved, the baby is returned to the Prince but Gabriel has to deal with Grace’s departure.