G-Recorder for Skype 2.4.2

IM-History (Shareware)

G-Recorder for Skype is an application that allows users to record Skype calls and chats to their Gmail accounts. Developed by IM-History, this program saves a user’s calls and chat history in the cloud, so that they can be accessed any time. Each call is automatically saved in MP3 format, which can be sent in an email or stored in a local folder. Changing computers will not be an issue as G-Recorder as the messages are all saved in one place. Videos do not need to be downloaded as they can be played from Gmail. The standard version of G-Recorder is able to export chat logs to the an email folder, and record any number of calls to a local folder.

Another feature of the G-Recorder for Skype is the ability to add notes to recording files, so that the user would have an easy time searching for them later on. Whether the user is on a PC or mobile device, the recordings will be accessed seamlessly. The interface of the application is straightforward – users can keep track of their recordings because they are arranged in chronological order. In the General Settings window, the user can choose where to store the files, as well as the call quality and duration.