G-Force Toolbar

Sound Spectrum (Shareware)

G-Force Toolbar is a toolbar that enables users to control the G-Force application. G-Force is an audio visualization plug-in created by Sound Spectrum and released in September 2012. Aside from being a plug-in, G-Force also functions as a standalone program that provides visual  effects to auxiliary or line-in audio. It also features various anti-aliased effects, as well as effect combinations and video file exports for use as visual effects.

G-Force Toolbar enables users to take advantage of G-Force capabilities in a user friendly interface. It features easy selection of visual elements and customization settings. It even enables users to capture instant snapshots for use as visual effect.  The G-Force Toolbar enables users to display ColorMaps, FlowFields, WaveShapes, and Particles just by selecting and clicking it right from the toolbar. This program also enables users to display video and image files within the G-Force application. Users may also adjust the speed of slideshow intervals, as well as the image frame rate. This program also allows users to control G-Force’s visual responsiveness to inline music. G-Force Toolbar also enables users to display the album cover art instead of visual effects. When the cover art is shown, the G-Force Toolbar automatically includes the track title. The G-Force Toolbar also features a V-bar which allows the user to have access to G-force even while working on another application. G-Force Toolbar users may even create specific themes to correspond to a particular music genre.