G-Force Standalone 4.4

SoundSpectrum (Freeware)

G-Force Standalone is an application that adds visualization to their music files. This application supports audio files from various sources such as CD audio, downloaded music files, line-in audio, as well as microphone or headset input. Visualizations are animated graphics that are played along with a music track. This feature is found in several versions of Windows Media Player and allows users to select from a selection of visualization themes. G-Force Standalone is used to create visualization for audio data that does not exist in the form of conventional audio files such as WAV, MP3, AIFF, OGG, etc. This application provides more entertainment in playing audio files in the user’s computer. G-Force Standalone also provides a wide variety of visualizations that can be downloaded and customized individually for a particular song or audio file. The visualizations provided by G-Force Standalone include classic frequency spikes, fractals, neon bursts, and elemental themes. G-Force Standalone adjusts its animation and dynamics according to the music beat.

G-Force Standalone features a simple interface that includes a window that displays all available visualizations. Users may preview these by double clicking on an icon and playing their selected audio. Users may view the visualization using their default media player or using the G-Force Standalone graphical user interface. Visualizations can be viewed in window or full screen mode.