Disney Interactive Studios (Proprietary)

G-Force is an action platformer game loosely-based on a movie of the same name. It is developed by Eurocom and released on July 2009. This game follows the adventures of a group of highly-trained guinea pig spy agents. The game starts off from the team’s escape from the pet store. Players assume the role of Darwin, a guinea pig spy agent, and Mooch, the fly.  Darwin is the head of the G-Force. The duo fights against their enemy, Leonard Saber, and his army of evil robotic household appliances that include waffle irons, vacuum cleaners, and even water coolers. Darwin and Mooch call on the rest of the G-Force team to help them defeat Saber and his army using high-tech gadgets and stealth techniques. The other member of the G-Force team are guinea pigs Juarez, Blaster, and Hurley, and the mole, Speckles.

G-Force is released for several platforms including Windows, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, Wii, and PlayStation Portable. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions feature a 3-D mode using anaglyph-based stereoscopic style. Every purchase of the game features two free pairs of 3-D glasses.

As in the G-Force movie, Darwin is voiced by Sam Rockwell and Mooch, the Fly, is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.  Bill Nighy voices Leonard Saber. This game is available in single player mode, as well as multi-player game mode.