Frameworkx (Freeware)

FxVisor, also known as Windows Vista Shortcut Overlay Remover, is a simple tool that eliminates the arrow that appears on the shortcut icons on the desktop, particularly on Windows Vista operating systems. Upon installation, the program places a shortcut icon on the desktop where users can configure the application’s settings. Users have four options for customizing the arrow on shortcut icons.

• Arrow – This option retains the arrow placed at the bottom left part of the icon on the desktop.
• Light Arrow – Choosing this replaces the standard arrow to a slightly smaller arrow. The arrow is placed at the bottom left part of the icon.
• Custom Arrow – This option allows the user to customize the arrow used for the shortcut icon. Users can add different types of images, but they should be in the ICO image file format.
• No Arrow – This option eliminates the arrow from the shortcut, which leaves only the shortcut icon.

A feature added to the program is the ability to remove the text ‘shortcut’ when a shortcut icon on the desktop is created. To enable this option, place a checkmark on the box beside ‘Select here to remove “ – Shortcut” extension when new shortcuts are created. The system must be restarted in order for the new settings to take effect.