FXnet Trader

FXnet™ (Shareware)

FXnet Trader is a trading platform that is especially designed to equip traders with tools to limit orders, execute deals in one click, and personalize the station according to the preference of the trader. It is the perfect utility for professional traders who require full single screen function and integrated charts. This is a very capable tool to use in order to experience financial trading in a simple and straightforward manner.

Once this application is successfully installed in the computer system, it can be used by traders no matter what their level of experience or background is. This application is an innovative platform that has one-click deal opening capabilities. This is a trader platform that is simple to master.

FXnet Trader provides user all the information they can use. A personal view is available as well. It is a flexible application that can provide excellent trading conditions to users. It utilizes a user-oriented approach that embraces the individual needs. As such it may be used by institutional traders and retailers. FxNet is also supported by a multilingual 24-hour support team.

This program supports the following operating systems: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8. This program requires only 1 GB RAM. This utility allows trading using mobile devices running on Mac and Android.