FX Composer 2.5 2.5

Nvidia (Freeware)

The FX Composer 2.5 is an integrated development environment for modern shader authoring. This package from NVIDIA supports multiple shading languages and designed for Direct X 10 and OpenGL. For enhanced visual development of shaders, this program comes with a mental mill Artist Edition.

FX Composer 2.5 is a powerful tool that has features optimization and real time preview so that users can develop high-performance shaders. Programmers will find it easier to conduct shader development tasks with this utility. FX Composer 2.5 has pixel shader debugging function in the form of the Shader Debugger plug-in.

Here are some of the advanced features of FX Composer 2.5:
• Ross-API Support
• TCP/IP Remote control
• Unified model importing
• Bigger icons with captions and wider range of color options
• New particle systems and virtual styles

When a particular scene has to be handled, the FX Composer 2.5 presents the user with an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that ensures efficient completion of tasks. This version has numerous user interface improvements from the previous release. A Shader Creation wizard is available as well with templates. When there is a need to tweak specific shader parameters, easy access is provided by the Properties panel. This program is designed to provide users with a comprehensive set of tools which are easy to implement.