FVD Player 1.0.0

FVD Media (Freeware)

FVD Player is a multimedia player capable of playing different file formats including flv, mkv, webm, avi, mkv, mp3, and more. It can be used to play both audio and video files. HD videos are supported as well. The program can be used by anyone as it offers basic playback controls (pause, play, stop, forward, backward, etc.)

The program’s interface is clear-cut  and looks similar to common multimedia players. It can be used as either a video player or a music player. As a video player, FVD Player offers different configuration options. Aside from basic playback controls, users can also use subtitles. Zooming the interface is also possible. Available Zoom options include 50%, 100%, and 200%. Playing the video in full screen mode is possible as well. Aside from these, the application also offers color controls allowing users to adjust brightness, saturation, hue, and contrast aspects of the video file.

When use as a music player, FVD Player also provides basic configuration options. It has a built-in equalizer. Creating and playing a music playlist is possible as well. The program offers a playlist window, which can be toggled on or off while playing the music/video files. Users can also check the properties of files being played.