Furnish Pro

Infor (Freeware)

Furnish Pro is a computer program that gives users the chance to create a model of the house or space they want to create. It has functions used to configure design, calculate prices and cost, as well as perform management and production specifications, work flow management and data management. The program can create designs for the living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and other parts of the house or office with the capability to customize the items or furniture to put into it as well.

The user interface is user-friendly as the icons intuitively suggest their functions, much like any Windows application. This application has a library of furniture where users can select items they want or they can also create unique items and customize its color, arm rests, leg designs, and every aspect of it.  The library also contains various colors of leather, shaped legs, handles, and fabric. To start using this application, users will just need a computer and the software itself. They just have to input the dimensions of the room and start drawing. The user can also check in what part of the room particular furniture will look best. It offers a 3D environment of the house or office so the users can really appreciate how the interior will look like in reality.