FurMark (Freeware)

FurMark is a compact OpenGL benchmark tool mainly focused on fur rendering algorithms. It is used for testing the performance of the computer’s video card and comparing the results with other computers or other versions of the video card previously installed in the computer. It is considered as a GPU burner, which means it can overheat the computer’s graphic card while performing the tests.

FurMark offers benchmark configuration options such as running it in window mode, full screen mode, anti-aliasing mode and selecting predefined resolution of the fur rendering image. The application also features burn-in test mode, which is mostly used for overclocking computers. This test will push the computer’s GPU to its highest performance. The program also offers a graphics card monitoring tool, called GPU-Z. This tool offers detailed information about the GPU, which includes memory type, technology, and type and clock values.

While performing tests, tracking of the graphic cards’ temperature is possible. A notification alert will be provided whenever the temperature reaches a critical level. The program also logs all the level throughout the tests, which can be used for analyzing different GPU settings. Test results will be displayed right after each test. The test report will include information about the hardware/software, test settings, and scores. An option to submit the test scores online is also available, which can be used to compare the rests with other users.