Funsol Solitiare 2000 4.90

Softgame Company (Shareware)

Funsol Solitiare 2000 is a program that lets users play more than 600 varieties of solitaire card games. This collection includes classic solitaire games such as Freecell and Klondike along with their many variations. It provides players with detailed rules on how to play each game, along with many other features such as the following:

• Autoplay – this game is programmed to detect when a game has already been won by the player, so players do not have to play the rest of the cards on the game area to the foundations. The autoplay feature plays the cards to their foundation piles with just one click, making gameplay easier and faster.
• Autosave – this game features an automatic saving function so that users can continue their game where it was left off. Players can save as many games as they want. Players can also save the game prior to making a crucial move so that if their move is incorrect, they can revert to the previous position in one click.
• Favorites – this game also features a Favorites list that players can add as many games as they want to. Players can access the list of their favorite games from the main game selection screen.

Aside from these, Funsol Solitiare 2000 also resizes cards automatically for easy viewing and playing. Players can choose to customize the designs of their cards, from the border and card face to the surface texture.