FunPhotor 10.16

ZeallSoft (Shareware)

FunPhotor is a blending software which enables users to blend pictures with popular artwork to come up with comical images. For example a user can user a face as one of Mount Rushmore’s carved US’ presidents faces. The user can place a face on a one hundred dollar bill. A photo simply has to be inputted into a specific template to come up with a project.

Over one hundred preset templates are made available by the program. Such templates include a bodybuilder, a US president, and the portrait of Mona Lisa. Custom templates may also be created and built by users.  Different types of images each with a different “feel” can be created using the program. Other templates include the portrait of Jesus, Dracula, Luke Skywalker, superheroes, sports celebrities, animals, and Hollywood and music celebrities. Pictures from users’ video cameras can also be used with the application. Created templates can be shared to other people via email. Text editing functions allow users to add text messages, descriptions, and colorful taglines to images. Outputs can also be printed on (one sheet) paper. The program interface is user-friendly and contains intuitive icons, as well as a wizard that guides users in the four steps to complete a project. Photos from users’ cameras can also be uploaded into the application and used in different templates. A photo’s alignment can also be adjusted through the use of arrow buttons that tilt and move it.