Funny Miners

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Funny Miners is a simulation game where players are tasked to manage a gold mine. Players must mine for gold and gems, sell them, and take care of the workers. There are also obstacles along the way in the form of snakes and rats who try to bite the workers and steal the gems from them. Players must also make sure that all the tools and building are in good condition. They can be upgraded in order to improve their performance. Gold earned after missions can be used to purchase supplies.

In each level, players are given tasks to accomplish in a certain amount of time. The timer, as well as the objectives for the level is displayed on the bottom part of the window. The level must be played all over again if the player does not complete the missions on time. Players can get a bronze, silver, or gold trophy at the end of each level, depending on how quick they finish the missions.

Other features of the Funny Miners game are the following:

• Levels get harder as the game progresses
• Contains 8 bonuses that players can get
• Has 5 main sections with several levels each
• Lots of upgrades for tools and buildings
• Colorful characters and interesting storyline