Funky Farm 1.1.1

Sortasoft (Shareware)

Funky Farm is a time management game where players have to manage their own farm. The main goal is to keep all the sheep safe from the wolves that appear from the wild. This can be done adding a sheepdog or building fences around the sheep. Players can also add pigs to the farm that they can feed and fatten. Fatter pigs are worth more money when they are sold to customers. The game features 2 game modes – Timed and Untimed Mode. In Timed Mode, players must race against the clock in order to fulfill the objectives for each level. The level must be repeated if the player fails to complete missions within the given time. In Untimed Mode, players are free to complete the missions without having to worry about the time.

There are different tools that can be used in order to improve the farm and make it easier for players to manage the animals. The tools can be upgraded or improved using the money earned from the levels. More of the program’s features are listed below:

• Features different kinds of farm animals that can be added to the farm
• Comes with more than 30 levels of gameplay
• Has a fun soundtrack to improve gameplay experience