IoRush Software (Shareware)

FTPRush client is a software program developed by the company, IoRush Software. Its main purpose is to support various file transfer processes. One of the most distinctive features of this program is its ability to give users a faster and more convenient experience in transferring different types of files from one source to another. This application can easily support transfers done from server to server, local source to server, or server to local source.

There are different components that are supported by the FTPRush client from IoRush. Aside from supporting normal FTP processes, it can easily handle its more secure versions of files (FTPS) as well as SFTP (SSH FTP) and TFTF elements. Considering that online file transfers can involve numerous issue-causing elements including viruses that can easily damage computer units, the client has been equipped with a series of precautionary tools that make it possible for the application to manage Web transfers with ease.

The latest version of the program comes with new and improved components that the initial release did not have. In addition, its users can take advantage of the following enhancements:

• Improved system layout
• Improved SSL connection support
• Added support for Wing FTP servers