FTP Rush 2.1.8 (Freeware)

FTP Rush is a free TFTP/FTP/FXP/SFTP/ software and FTP client for Windows 2000/XP /Win7/2003/Vista.   An FTP Client is an item of software that will network with an FTP server to upload or download files.  It is used for the transfer and management of all kinds of files from different sites.  One can download or upload files from FTP Server to FTP Server, local to FTP server, and vice versa.

FTP Rush has multiple features that can be configured for convenient file transfer. Through its tabbed interface, multiple connections can be managed efficiently. If one wants to migrate a website, Its FXP feature allows it to be transferred between two FTP servers, without the need to download all of the website’s content to a hard drive. Secure transfer is also ensured as this facility supports both TFTP and SSH transfers. It is built in with a Command Designer and ScriptDEsigner which can be of valuable use to anyone especially computer specialists once taken advantaged of.  Once customized through a few lines of code, it has the ability to automatically generate work which would otherwise be done periodically. Synchronized folders allow the user to identify files that have been added, removed or altered in the download or upload directory. One does not need a hard drive to run this program.