FTP Commander 8.02

Internetsoft (Freeware)

FTP Commander is an easy to use and simple FTP client. FTP Commander is commonly used for file transfers to FTP servers.

Beginners and advanced users may be able to use the program easily. Its interface is composed of two juxtaposed FTP server and local computer panels. A file indicating session log is also provided. There are about one dozen FTP servers, which are preset in the program. FTP connection is done by selecting preferred server on the FTP server list and clicking on the “Connect” button. A drag and drop feature enables file download or upload which can be done by dragging files between panels. A server manager enables users to include entries into the FTP server list. Required information to do so include user, name, server address, port address, and password, along with program options such as anonymous login and passive mode. Users may execute multiple downloads, activate two-way exchanges between files, view documents, and run local disk programs using the application. Renaming, copying, and deleting of files, deleting and creating FTP server directories, sending custom commands, creating folders, and command line work mode, are also allowed. The program does not contain adware and is intended for non-commercial, educational, and personal use.