G R Freeth (Shareware)

FTBVX8G is a utility that is specifically designed for Yaesu VX-8GR/GE handheld transceivers.  It is a memory management program. FTBVX8 has four existing versions. FTBVX8G is just one of the models and it is for usage with the model VX-8GR/GE. Meanwhile, the other three versions are:
FTBVX8 for the VX-8R/E or VX-8DR/DE, FTBVX8GJ for the model VX-8GR, and FTBVX8J for the VX-8R or VX-8DR. There is only once license that covers all versions so purchasing one is good enough for all four. FTBVX8G is developed by G R Freeth.

This application runs on any personal computer with a COM port. This will serve to connect it to the transceiver. This utility is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

This tool has multiple functionalities. Its basic uses are: 1) managing memory banks, 2) restoring and backing up the VX-8 clone memory, 3) adding, deleting, modifying, and moving memories, 4) sorting and editing memories by name or frequency. It is also capable of editing home memories, VFOs, and MS memories and printing memories as well. In addition, this utility is equipped with the capability to export and import memory files such that the user can exchange memory data between certain target radios with files in .CSV format.