Bandoo Media Inc. (Freeware)

fTalk is a chat client for Facebook chat. The program allows Facebook users to access their Facebook chat window on the desktop. This eliminates the need to have a web browser open when chatting with Facebook friends. The application’s interface is similar to other chat clients. The top portion of the window shows a photo of the user. Friends are listed in two groups: Online Friends and Offline Friends. The list of online friends is located on top of the list for offline friends.

The program also has a search bar. This can come in handy when searching for a specific person in a long list of contacts. Aside from chatting with Facebook contacts, the program can also be used to update the Facebook status. Users can type in the new status on the field beside the photo and press ‘Enter’. A notification appears on the bottom right part of the window when a contact goes online or offline. Facebook profiles and photos of contacts can also be accessed using the program. This can be done by click on the ‘Profile’ or ‘Photos’ link located on the top portion of the contact’s chat window. fTalk has some basic settings, too. These include settings for sounds, enabling emoticons, etc.