FSReader Application

Freedom Scientific (Bundled)

The FSReader Application enables users to view e-books and audiobooks that have been created in the DAISY, or Digital Accessible Information System, format. With this application, users can navigate to the different parts or sections of a book file by flipping the pages or browsing the headings and clicking on them. Users can also set multiple bookmarks so that they can pause and resume their reading anytime, or jump to the bookmarked pages. For audiobooks, the application provides controls to let users rewind, forward, and adjust the narration speed to slow it down or speed it up. This application works with both synthesized speech and recorded narration.

The FSReader Application has an intuitive interface with a simple layout. Aside from the title bar and the menu bar, the interface is horizontally divided into two panes. The top pane shows a tree view that is used for navigation while the bottom pane shows the book’s text. Users can navigate in the tree view using the arrow keys (up and down). The right arrow key expands a chapter while the left arrow key closes it. Under the Menu Bar, users can find the File, Audio, and Navigation Menu. Users can view a history of recently opened books from the File Menu; the Audio Menu contains the playback commands; and the Navigation Menu contains the commands for setting bookmarks, searching text, and jumping to other pages of the book.