FSMap 1.21

Thomas Molitor (Shareware)

FSMap is an application that provides flight simulator users with digitized maps and VFR charts in high resolution. It provides navigation data and other aeronautical information for Switzerland, the Benelux countries, Austria, and Germany. Users can add more charts through a built-in chart editor and configurator. This tool also provides users with information regarding flight status, flight route, environmental conditions, and online traffic. Additionally, it allows users to create a simulation flight plan with its integrated VFR flight plan editor.

This application makes use of a layering system that enables virtual pilots to see the correct chart for the current flight mode and phase. City and airport overlays may be added. This tool also assists users in taxiing their plane by displaying parking positions and taxiways. FSMap is made up of two parts that can be used together or independently of each other: the main map application and the gauge that can be added to the aircraft’s instrument panel. The main application functions as a standalone Moving Map and a map manager. Users can edit, add, and remove maps. Maps in bitmap format may be imported.

An added feature to the program is the Traffic Collision Alert System, which monitors if there are other aircraft within the user’s immediate vicinity and alerts virtual pilots of their presence. It also gives out audio warnings when the other plane is on a path that may collide with another plane so that users can change paths.