FSInventions (Proprietary)

FSFlyingSchool is a virtual flight instructor add-on for popular flight stimulators. It has a wide selection of talking virtual instructors with different personalities, genders, and nationalities to suit any user. In this application, all aspects of the flight from take-off to landing are monitored, evaluated, logged, and scored. The instructor will watch every move, which is why the learner must fly correctly to keep him/her satisfied. Moreover, the performance will be reflected in the scores. Besides giving instructions, the flight instructors will also advise the user with navigations and upcoming waypoints on the flight plan. Advanced warnings about potential mistakes will be given as well.

There is a scoring system that rates the phases of the flight. The scoring system rates the aspects from taxi, take off, cruise, to landing and more. Flight details are also shown in a logbook such as the landing speed, approach accuracy, and distance from threshold. Other than that, the add-on includes graphs that analyze more than 70 areas. It also has flight instructor assistance with verbal tips.

Other features of FSFlyingSchool include:

• Flight Mapping feature that reviews flight paths over real word satellite terrains
• Analyzes any powered aircraft and automatically creates a profile of it
• Pilot Briefing tool to identify areas that need improvement
• ‘On approach’ feature that lets the user choose where in the world to fly and what airport to approach.