FSCDBManager (Proprietary)

FSCDBManager is a database program developed by This component is a separate program included in FlightSim Commander, a flight simulation software. The software’s name stands for FlightSim Commander Database Manager.

FSCDBManager is a standalone tool that creates and updates FS Commander’s database. This database’s main function is keeping airport files, which can be updated for maximizing the simulator’s features. Common files that can be saved include airports, runways, taxiways, regions, positions, and many more. These data are obtained from FS’ files and with some coming from real-world databases.

To ensure the database is set properly, first time users are required to run this program first before loading the actual flight simulator. The Database Manager needs to create the database according to users’ setting preference, which are configured on FS Commander.

Aside from building and updating databases, the Database Manager will also create a log or record that documents the changes that occurred within the program from installation to updates. Each program that comes with FS Commander needs this data manager to build respective database, which are required for smooth performance.

As a separate program, FSCDBManager comes with its own user interface, which is very simple to use. It loads folders set as path for FS Commander. Navigating each folder is easy with its organized and traditionally-designed interface. The latest version is compatible with Lockheed Martin Prepar3D, another program introduced by FS Commander.