Grupo SATA Virtual (Freeware)

FSAcars is a program developed by the Grupo SATA Virtual Company. This is a program that is mainly used as an educational tool in the aviation industry. It is a general flight simulator created for users who wish to become first-time pilots. The program facilitates virtual flight practice that familiarizes users with the basics of airplane flight before they log in their flight hours on real planes.

The FSAcars program allows its users to experience flight control and other processes and events related to actual aircraft flight. It also serves as a flight logger and an ACARS program. ACARS stands for Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System. In real-life operations, this digital data link system is used for the transmission of short messages between the ground stations and the aircrafts that they are monitoring for management of air traffic and other related purposes. The transmissions are coursed through radio or satellite signal streams.

Aside from providing the user with a flight simulator application, the FSAcars program also provides the user with access to other essential control and operational training elements. The program addresses related systems and experiences which are secondary to piloting an aircraft but are fundamental to aviation operations and safety. For example, there are provisions in the program that focus on internal aircraft operation.