FS Panel Studio(tm) for FSX

Flight 2 Europe (Proprietary)

FS Panel Studio for FSX is an add-on developed and published by Flight 1 Europe for Microsoft Flight Simulator (FSX). It also works with other flight simulators produced by Microsoft like Flight Simulator 98 to 2004 and Combat Flight Simulator 1 and 2.

FS Panel Studio for FSX lets players create and customize their simulation panels for better viewing and control. Using the add-on program ensures a great looking panel and total enjoyment. The software offers WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) platform that makes the entire process of creating and editing easier. Users will see how their panels look like as they edit. It does not require a special coding system, which makes it ideal for novice computer users. They can easily drag and drop panel elements on the platform and see their panels build up according to their visions. Gauges are also resizable to match players’ preferences and achieve perfect fit on the viewing area.

Players will also see high-end graphics. Every gauge and images used on the panels look realistic and can easily drop with 1 pixel accuracy on position. Despite the remarkable graphics, the platform still works with notable speed. It will not affect the computer’s performance, ensuring the control panel will look perfect.

FS Panel Studios for FSX has easy to use interface with Wizards that are also available for simple editing procedures. Every element necessary for building a customized panel is available with the program.