Fruits, Inc 1.0

Manifesto Games Studio (Shareware)

Fruits, Inc is a building management game developed by the company Manifesto Games Studio. The plot revolves around a young business student named Jill, who stumbles upon a job opportunity at her grandmother’s farm. The player assumes the role of Jill, whose main goals include selling fruits and its by-products, as well as saving money. In order to accomplish these goals, the player must fill up empty lots with a wide variety of plants such as apples, grapes, strawberries, and apricots. The player can sell the produce directly to factories, which can make by-products such as jam, jelly, pies, and juice.

Effective management involves spending money wisely on raw materials, workers, and skilled technicians. It is the workers’ job to prepare the fields, build factories, and process fruits and vegetables in factories. The longer they work in the factories, the more tokens the players can earn. These tokens can be exchanged for various factory improvements and upgrades. The player can choose among three types of upgrades: reduce fruit processing time, increase prices of the products, process more fruits at a time. Technicians on the other hand are in charge of preventing bugs and pests from spreading in the fields and ruining the crops.