FrostWire Ultra Accelerator

TrafficSpeeders LLC (Freeware)

FrostWire Ultra Accelerator is a plugin program designed to work seamlessly with the native client application FrostWire, which is a client for the popular file sharing P2P network LimeWire. It is able to increase download speeds and online search results. It completes downloads and cleans incorrectly-downloaded files. There is a handy “resume-download” function for those paused downloads. The application improves search queries by fine-tuning search criteria and looking for more sources. The program saves the last system configuration and auto-loads upon start-up. The interface can be quickly accessed from the system tray icon. It also displays statistics such as profile, duration, status, as well as the number of bytes received and sent out.

Users must first install FrostWire before downloading  the Ultra Accelerator plugin. If not, the plugin would have to be uninstalled then the user must install the FrostWire native client program then reinstall the FrostWire Ultra Accelerator plugin. The benefit that this plugin provides is the increased download speeds. The program contributes to a more efficient way in searching for downloadable content like music, movies, applications and games, as well as the fast processing of downloads. Among the improvements in the latest version is the enhanced algorithm for the native client’s download queue management system. Web bandwith optimization as well as optimized connection settings contribute to achieving the benchmark performance it lends to FrostWire.