Front Mission Evolved

SQUARE ENIX (Proprietary)

Front Mission Evolved is a game which is the 11th game in the series of Square Enix’s Front Mission games. This game features real-time 3D battles instead of the usual turn-based tactical role-playing gameplay. Players control mechs called wanzer or walking tanks. This game features two gameplay modes—single player campaign mode and online multiplayer mode. In multiplayer mode, players can form groups of up to 8 members.

Front Mission Evolved single player campaign features a linear storymode composed of introductory cut-scenes, mission completion, followed by mecha setup for the next mission. Users can follow the story till its completion, or choose to replay some levels using the Act Select option. Front Mission Evolved multiplayer mode enables users to play in two game types—Player versus player (PvP) or Player versus environment (PvE). Users may customize their mechs or wanzers even in multiplayer mode, depending on their military ranking. Customization options include parts and weapons, and auxiliary backpacks. Players advance in military ranking by completing missions and earning experience points. Players may also kill opposing players to advance in military rankings.

Front Mission Evolved features a Gunship Mode which enables users to fight while onboard a gunship. The game also includes unique auxiliary backpacks including hover backpacks and anti-missile backpacks. This game also provides EDGE technology that enables players to slow down time.