From Dust

Ubisoft Montpellier (Proprietary)

From Dust is a modern God video game developed and published by Ubisoft. It is played in the first-person and the player takes on the character of a magical force called The Breath, which has the ability to shape the entire archipelago by gathering various elements – lava, soil, and water – from different locations and releasing them in other places. This deity looks over a tribe of nomadic people known as β€œMen” and guides them through each level. In the Story mode, the player must aid the tribe in finding ivory totem poles, which enable them to build their own villages and cultivate the land with vegetation. One of the minor goals of this game is being able to use one of the natural elements to create something useful to the villagers like collecting some soil to put over a stream so that a bridge can be built, or getting water to douse a forest fire.

The two main objectives of the player is building accessible villages and keeping them secure from natural hazards. Some totem poles allow the player to use certain powers temporarily  in order to create special structures for the tribe or save them from complete annihilation. New challenge levels can also be unlocked by making sure that there is water near all dirt-covered land. Doing this will allow vegetation to grow and spread far enough to unlock other phenomena.