Froggy Castle 2 1.1

Snowstep Development - Fendt, Flick, John GbR (Shareware)

Froggy Castle 2 is an action video game that was first released in 2006. In the game, players take control of two hamsters called Princess Patty and Hamster Pit. They must defend themselves and free the kingdom from the attack of inflated frogs using their weapons. The game can be played by using the spacebar to fire the arrow at the frogs. This can also be done by clicking the left mouse button. The game comes with a tutorial that teaches players the different controls of the game.

In the game, players can choose from two characters to control. Each of these characters have their own abilities. There are various enemies that players will encounter along the way and there are bosses that need to be defeated. More of the games features are listed below:

• Comes with four different mini-games that can be unlocked
• Has two-player mode so users can go in co-op mode with another player
• Features different game objects that make the game more interesting including switches and chests
• Game automatically adjusts the difficultly level based on the player’s progress
• Players can connect to the Internet so they can compare their high score with other players of the game around the globe