Hasbro Interactive (Shareware)

Frogger2 is a new installment of the Frogger series which was first released on Atari 2600 several years ago as an arcade game. This game is the sequel to the remake of the very first Frogger game. The 3D remake was released in 1998 and this version features improved game play and graphics. Frogger2 is a video game created by Hasbro Interactive.

Frogger2 is a video game set in a fictional 3-D world. This game features 10 worlds with 35 split levels. Some of the levels are especially intended to for multiple-player gaming where as many as four players can participate via a split screen. This game can be played via LAN or over the Internet.

The game play of Frogger2 is straightforward. The player is tasked to rescue 175 baby frogs and triumph over the antics of the villain, the Swampy Crocodile. Each level challenges the player to rescue five baby frogs. Frogger2 players are equipped with a few useful weapons and tricks such as a heat-seeking tongue, the super hop, and the power croak. There are many puzzles, traps, obstacles, and enemies to overcome as well. The player can choose to play a number of different characters and enjoy rewards such as gold coins, power-ups, and extra lives along the way. This game is easy to play with simple controls and appeals to video game enthusiasts who look for traditional platform action games.