Cheesbase (Proprietary)

Fritz8 is a German chess application that was developed by Gyula Horváth. Fritz is a German name for chess game. The Fritz chess game application is known in the United States as Knightstaker. The program’s third version won the prize as the World Computer Chess Championship in Hong Kong. The game, from its first edition to the last, has undergone numerous changes such as:

• Revised and improved graphics
• Access to online play
• Chess board in 3D graphics
• AI or Artificial Intelligence opponents
• Cheesebase engine cloud – The technology used in multiplayer mode, using other players’ running engines for analytical position moves, blunder search, and engine matches

The Fritz engine continually employs a wide variety of basic tutorials in every chess game for beginners. It enhances the flow of the game by keying the possible opening, midgame, and endgame moves. The game enables beginners to know the basic moves of the game and the fundamental elements of chess. Children can easily determine the pieces of the chess board such as kings, queens, knights, rooks, bishops, and pawns. The game makes use of photorealistic 3D graphics.

Another feature that is designed for beginners is the built-in hint function that helps players come up with their next move.