Gyula Horváth (Proprietary)

Fritz10 is an application that helps users learn and gain mastery in the game of chess. The Fritz series was created by Frans Morsch and Matthias Feist, but this particular release was developed by Gyula Horváth and was released on November 2006. This application comes with instructions on how to play chess and also has opening, middlegame, and endgame training options to provide users with in-depth knowledge on gameplay. Users can undergo the trainings to improve on their skills and prepare them for matches with the computer. Additionally, the series provides users with access to more than 30 instructive video clips that total about ten viewing hours.

This application contains more than a million games in its database. The games can be played directly from the DVD, or if the user has a database program installed, it better to load the application into the hard drive so that the games are continually updated. This can also connect the game to the Playchess server, which enables users to compete with other players anywhere in the world. The server also contains additional ranking lists and full rankings of registered players.

The features of Fritz10 include tips for attack and defense, high-resolution 3D chess sets, position analysis, and an extended openings book, among others.